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We operate a high quality, reliable mobile paintshop. Offering our customers car bodywork renovation, wheel refurbishment and SMART repair throughout the Norwich area.

We have a background working for many main car dealers, taking meticulous care of their customers cars and guaranteeing that they are more than happy with the work that we have carried out.

SMART Repair

We employ small/medium area repair techniques where necessary in order to prevent inflated costs, save time and help look after the environment. Our technicians would normally use SMART repair for trolley damage, door dents or other small area damage using paint-less dent removal.


Wheel Refurbishment

Kerbed or corroded alloy wheels look unsightly, but our specialist repair techniques will make them as new again. We fully remove the kerb damage, and can finish them in the original colour or if you fancy a change, any colour of your choice.


Paintwork Correction

Has your car lost its gloss and lustre? Often imperfections that are invisible to the naked eye can prevent your car from looking as stunning as it should. Swirls and scratches hide the true colour of your car and reduce its value. This specialist service will carefully restore your cars paintwork back to as new condition.


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About Us

Our Story

Kidmans is A cost effective and reliable small to medium vehicle paint repair system with an emphasis on quality, convenience and customer service.

Our goal is provide the highest standard of repair possible, whilst keep costs down for the consumer by using our own developed repair techniques to achieve the same standard of repair you would expect from a bodyshop but in less time.

We aim to carry out all repairs on a same day basis and this can be done at home, work or at our workshop facility.

Our main customer base is prestige brand car dealerships who demand a repair that meets a high standard, usually within tight time constraints, by a reliable and reputable company committed to meeting their targets. Its in this area that we excel.

Another area of our work that we have expanded on is detailing, which involves reviving the cars paintwork by removing light scratches, swirl marks and hazing. This is a specialist job that requires a well trained technician to ensure the paintwork is not damaged in the process such as burning through or creating buffer trails.

Its yet another example of how Kidmans is able to meet customers needs as paint refurbishment and valeting are very much a process that can be combined at the same time.

We have use of a workshop in Norwich, we are now expanding our customer base to focus on the retail sector, providing the total solution for cosmetic car repair.

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